HESS International Educational Organization


HESS International English Institute in Wuxi, China, provides an exciting and fresh learning environment for children that includes:

• Nine classrooms to allow adequate space for students to learn comfortably and in small

class sizes

• A library stocked with more than 200 books to foster a love of reading at an early age

• A play area divided into five stations to practice daily English conversations at the same

time as honing physical and social skills

• A coffee bar inside the school to make the branch comfortable for parents and staff, too

• A theater for more than 100 people that is perfect for extra-curricular activities and

performances that showcase students’ acquired English ability

• Smart boards to facilitate learning in a modern, tech-friendly way


English Classes

The students who live around the school are fairly young, so the branch caters to their needs primarily. For kindergarten-aged students, we offer Rainbow Toddlers and Happy Kids. Both curricula enable the students to learn English in a pleasant and safe environment. For students in grades 1 and 2, we offer the Kids World series.


This series will enable them to excel in English quickly and this will benefit them greatly in the public school system.

Students who are older will be invited to join our special clubs, where they can expand their knowledge of phonics and develop their reading skills (Phonics Club) or improve their conversational skills (Conversation Club). The class size is always small to enable the students and teachers to interact together constantly. This is the ideal way to teach young children.

Opportunities for Growth

At HESS, our job is not limited to our classroom. There are endless possibilities for outstanding teachers. For instance, we train and test students in public schools, and we take them to the HESS Singapore International Camp during the summer. We conduct HESS materials promotions in various Chinese cities, and we train public school teachers at the annual HESS Excellent Teacher Training Camps. Wuxi is really the place to be if you want to challenge yourself!

About Wuxi

Wuxi is a vibrant and bustling city not far from Shanghai that has a lot of amenities and experiences to offer. Since its establishment, the city of Wuxi has quickly grown to become what is known as one of the top tourist destinations in China. This ancient port city, also known as “Little Shanghai,” is rich with history and maintains a lush, natural landscape, as well as numerous points of cultural interest. Also referred to as “the Pearl of Tai Lake,” Wuxi has been endowed with a charming, natural beauty due to its close location to Lake Taihu.


The tidy cityscape combined with convenient public transportation makes traveling to and from Wuxi both pleasant and effortless. Transportation is great: the international airport hosts direct flights to many local and international destinations including a 2-hour flight to Taipei; the high-speed rail brings you to Nanjing or Shanghai in less than 1 hour and Beijing in less than 5 hours. There are great shopping spots in huge department stores, small malls, and unique shops. Food is delicious and relatively inexpensive. Many Western fast food outlets are here, and there are lots of other Western food options as well. Chinese delicacies are to be found everywhere. Tourist attractions like nowhere else in China can also be found in Wuxi, as well as beautiful parks for strolls and exercise.


If you’re interested in pursuing an English teaching position with HESS in China, Korea, or Taiwan, please click here to apply.