HESS International Educational Group

Preschool: Philosophy

HESS has the best teachers, offers the best environment, and provides the best materials, curriculum, and teaching methods for preschool learning in Taiwan.

Our aim is to introduce English in much the same manner as a child's first language is discovered. Through a wide range of stimulating activities and situations, learners acquire English naturally. It is our philosophy to nurture happy, well-rounded, curious, and confident children. We give children the confidence they need to cultivate positive social skills and self-esteem. The children will become confident English speakers.

Since a child's window of language acquisition is wide open during the preschool years, HESS preschool classes serve as a foundation for later learning. We strive to create fun, stimulating environments that allow students to learn at their own pace.

To meet the needs of young learners, our teaching philosophy consists of four key principles:


Educare is an approach to schooling that recognizes the inseparable relationship between educating and caring for a child. If a child feels safe, cared-for, and loved and is provided with an attractive, stimulating environment, then learning will come effortlessly.

Multiple Intelligences

The human mind learns and performs different tasks in several different ways. We call these multiple intelligences. The eight different intelligences are logical/mathematical, visual/spatial, bodily/kinesthetic, musical/rhythmic, naturalist, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and verbal/linguistic. These ways of thinking are all equally important learning channels.

Whole-Child Education

HESS preschool develops the whole child. Education scholarship shows that children will achieve the best results cognitively, emotionally, physically, and socially when they develop a balance of these intelligences. HESS' curriculum has therefore been written with the methodology of integrating several ways of learning simultaneously.

Concept-Mapping Theory

This theory was developed by Dr. Joseph Novak. It holds that all curricula must be integrated, and in order for learning to be effective, it must be built on prior knowledge. Our lessons are theme-based, integrated, and progress accumulatively. Applying the concept- mapping theory to our methods and materials helps children to understand their world and learn more easily. All HESS lessons focus on one central element: the child.