HESS International Educational Group

Language School: Philosophy

At HESS, we realize that all students have different learning styles. Some students learn by using their eyes; others need to hear something to understand it. In order to accommodate all the different learning styles, we present language as visual and aural, as well as by providing kinesthetic cues. The three primary senses we use in learning are our eyes (visual), ears (aural), and bodies (kinesthetic, or actions).

It is important to stimulate all of these senses so that students are looking, listening, and moving. The objective of our teaching method is to meet the learning needs of all students by teaching to the sense with which they learn best. The secondary objectives include enhancing student's memory access and retention by giving them multiple ways to remember information. To motivate maximum participation from our students, we ensure our lessons’ activities are hands-on and engaging.

An example of our teaching methods as they are applied to teaching conversation could consist of the following:

1.The teacher presents the conversation by speaking and acting out visual cues.

2.The teacher says the conversation aloud and demonstrates actions that coincide with what he/she is saying. Students repeat.

3.The teacher says the conversation, presents visual cues, and demonstrates the actions, with students following.

4.Using rhythms contained within each line of the conversation, the teacher encourages the students to repeat along with him/her numerous times, developing their expression and intonation skills.

5.The class plays a game that involves the students using the action, words, and visual cues.