HESS International Educational Group

Salary & Benefits

HESS Native Speaking Teachers are paid between NT$580-750/hour. The base pay rate is NT$580/hour, but previous teaching experience, teaching certification, or a degree in education could earn you more! Teachers are only paid for teaching time; time spent grading homework and preparing lessons is unpaid. However, for teaching most classes, you are given two hours' pay for 100 or 110 minutes of teaching time, and lesson preparation and grading can be completed quickly when you become familiar with HESS materials.

*To convert your earnings to your local currency, visit this website.

*Please be aware that the hours stated in this chart are just minimum guaranteed hours. It is likely that teachers will be required to teach more than their contracted minimum hours, resulting in a higher pay.

Guaranteed Hours

During your first month, we try and ease you into teaching by gradually increasing your workload. After that, we guarantee a minimum of 20 teaching hours per week, averaged over the month.


Once a year, teachers are appraised and given raises. Raises apply to your hourly pay rate and are between NT$0 and NT$40/hour, depending on performance and professionalism. The ceiling pay rate of NT$750 per hour can be reached after four or five years of good appraisals.

Student Return-Rate Bonuses

Every time a class advances level, if more than 90% of the students return, teachers receive a scaled bonus. The amount of bonus varies between courses, and the maximum is NT$50,000 per year. On average, most teachers earn an extra NT$15,000 per year (or the equivalent of a return airfare home) from this bonus.

Interest-Free Setup Loan

HESS branches offer an optional interest-free start-up loan to new teachers. The maximum amount is NT$30,000. You may take up to six months to pay this back. Most teachers use this loan to help them set up their new apartments.

Assistance Learning Chinese

Mandarin isn't a prerequisite, but it's certainly helpful. HESS is proud to have a partnership with National Taiwan Normal University's world-renowned Mandarin Training Center, which is the largest and leading institution dedicated to teaching Chinese as a second language. NTNU has generously offered discounts to HESS employees who are interested in learning Mandarin as a way to enhance their time in Taiwan. Flexible courses are offered online in real time with certified professors, so you can study from any location! If you’re looking for something a little more casual, we also provide a pocket-sized "Mandarin Survival Guide" booklet and accompanying 3-CD audio set so you can easily carry a convenient reference or begin to learn Chinese on the go.

Ongoing Support

Each school has a Head Native Speaking Teacher or Area Manager who will help new teachers find accommodation that suits their needs. They will provide ongoing professional and living support during the challenging initial period and beyond. Almost all classes have a Taiwanese co-teacher who teaches every other lesson or, for Young Learners, the matching Chinese curriculum. These teaching partners will also be in the class while you teach to provide support and assistance.

We also provide the "HESS Taiwan Adventure Guide," a pocket-sized booklet similar to a travel guide, but specifically catering to the needs of those living and working here for a longer term.

TEFL Certification Training Program

Our training program prepares teachers for the classroom and provides ongoing professional development. Teachers earn a TEFL certificate after completing HESS' initial and follow-up trainings and their first year of practicum teaching.

Vacation, Sick Leave, and National Holidays

You may take 14 working days of vacation each year. In addition, schools (including HESS) close on between six and eight days of national holidays during the year. Christmas is not a national holiday in Taiwan, but all foreign teachers are allowed this day as an extra vacation day. Taking up to seven sick days is acceptable. All days away from teaching are unpaid.

One Month of Contract Renewal Extended Leave

Teachers who renew their contract after their first year may choose to take an extra one month of vacation time each year in addition to that outlined above.

Contract Completion Bonus

If teachers choose to stay longer than their first year, signing each additional yearly contract earns them a bonus. Upon the completion of your second contract, you will receive a NT$15,000 bonus; the third, NT$20,000; and teachers receive NT$30,000 at the end of each additional contract completed thereafter.

National Health Insurance

After receiving your HESS-sponsored resident visa, we will apply for your national health insurance coverage. This costs you typically NT$300-500 a month (depending on income and area) which is automatically deducted from your salary. (That is a small fraction of the total cost. HESS and the government pay the remainder.) The net effect is you get extremely cheap access to Taiwan's well-equipped health system, including dental work and Chinese traditional remedies.


The national Taiwanese Income Tax Withholding Rate is 18% for your first 183 consecutive days of a calendar year in Taiwan, and it drops to 5% thereafter. The tax regulations for Taiwan can be seen at the National Tax Administration website. Teachers are eligible to file their annual income taxes during the tax-filing season from March 1 to May 31 and must also complete departure filing when they finish employment and depart Taiwan. (We make every effort to assist teachers with their income taxes, but it is still the responsibility of the individual to file his or her own taxes.)