HESS International Educational Group


Be more than a teacher, Be an inspiration!

We are looking for candidates who are patient, flexible, enthusiastic, energetic, and personable. You should also have a good sense of humor and genuinely enjoy working with children. Teaching experience is an advantage, but it is not necessary. Living abroad or travel experience is also useful. Teaching overseas is an enriching experience allowing individuals to become stronger, wiser, and more interesting as people and as professionals.

We recruit new teachers year-round to join our HESS Initial TEFL Training (HITT), and there are various training seasons throughout the year. We conduct an initial training almost every month, so there are plenty of opportunities to come to Taiwan. Once you decide when you’d like to arrive in Taiwan, our recruitment staff will find training dates to match your availability. We ask teachers to arrive a few days before training begins so we can also assist in getting your medical exam completed and help you become familiar with your new environment.

Here is a breakdown of our training seasons each year:
SPRING (A): Arrive in Taiwan between January 15 and April 14
SUMMER (B): Arrive in Taiwan between April 15 and July 14
FALL (C): Arrive in Taiwan between July 15 and October 14
WINTER (D): Arrive in Taiwan between October 15 and January 14

We accept applications all year, so there is no deadline to apply. If the dates you want to apply for are not available on the application form, please wait and submit an application at a later date when your timeframe is available.

There are six basic requirements that are necessary to apply for this position. Please do not apply if you cannot fulfill these six requirements, as all teachers must meet the Taiwanese government's regulations to qualify for legal working status. There are no exceptions.

*The Bureau of Education does not recognize any other form of certification, including diplomas, unless you can prove from your school that what you have studied is the equivalent of a bachelor's or associate degree. If applicable, your university must write a letter of equivalency for you to submit to the Taiwan government. At least 50 percent of your degree must be earned in class. The Taiwan government does not accept online or distance-learning degrees.

*These are estimated times only. Actual application time depends on how quickly an applicant responds and the number of other candidates applying. Applications must be submitted via the HESS Online Application Form and are not accepted via email.

Please note: As HESS is a large company that is constantly growing, there are some branches that operate independently. Everything on this website pertains to HESS Main Office branches. Any offer of employment for our Main Office branches will come directly from our Contracts and Placement Coordinator based at our Main Office in Taipei. If you are unsure whether you are in contact with a franchise branch or Main Office, please feel free to contact us.