HESS International Educational Group

Career Growth

After your first year of teaching with HESS, there are opportunities to take positions in various other departments of the company. These include teacher management (Head Native Speaking Teacher, Area Recruitment Coordinator), training (Training Demo Observer, Guest Trainer, Full-Time Trainer), recruiting (Applications and Interviews Consultant, Contracts and Placements Coordinator), marketing, multimedia design, and curriculum development, among others. It is important to note that these opportunities become available to outstanding teachers only after the completion of their first year of teaching with HESS.

All teachers also frequently have opportunities to earn some extra money by getting involved in special projects and events such as modeling for photographs, making education DVDs or music CDs, taking Summer Camp groups to Singapore or various locations in Taiwan, and hosting or judging special events and competitions. We are also always looking for interested and dedicated teachers who might be interested in joining branches in Mainland China and South Korea in the future.

Below are some descriptions of positions that our teachers aspire to at HESS.




Teacher Management:

Head Native Speaking Teacher (HNST)
A Head NST is the direct manager of the English-speaking staff for a particular school. They are responsible for branch training and development, observations, raise appraisals, class scheduling, as well as facilitating communication between the Taiwanese staff and foreign staff. This role is often filled by an experienced NST.

Area Recruiting Coordinator (ARC)
With more than 200 schools across the country and a foreign staff of more than 600 Native Speaking Teachers (NSTs), it is essential that we have good communication with the various areas about their recruiting needs. The Area Recruiting Coordinator (ARC) plays a central role in coordinating NST requests for the area and communicating those needs to the Contracts and Placements Coordinator (CPC) at Main Office. ARCs work closely in their area with the Head NSTs, Branch Managers, and Director. This role is often filled by an experienced Head NST.

English Human Resource Department – Recruiting:

Applications and Interviews Consultant
As the first point of contact for applicants to HESS, the Applications and Interviews Consultant (AIC) plays an active role in recruiting NSTs. The AIC is responsible for processing new employment applications, communicating with applicants, conducting interviews, and assisting with the overall hiring process of NSTs. Once an applicant has been hired, document preparation assistance is also given.

Contracts and Placements Coordinator
The Contracts and Placements Coordinator (CPC) is responsible for reviewing the applicants who have been recommended for hire by the interviewers and making the final hiring decision. The CPC is also in close contact with the Head NSTs, Area Recruiting Coordinators, and Directors to receive the area NST requests for each season. The CPC sets the placements for new NSTs, as well as processes transfer requests and renewal contracts for current NSTs. This position is filled by an experienced NST.

Training Department:

Training Demo Observer
These seasoned Native Speaking Teachers (NSTs) come to our initial trainings to observe trainees’ teaching demonstrations. They give constructive feedback on how to improve their teaching quality and how to better adjust to their new teaching position. They are usually the first exposure trainees have to current HESS teachers.

Guest Trainer
To get the invitation to be a Guest Trainer is quite an honor. This shows that the Training and Development Center (TDC) has taken notice of your outstanding teaching abilities and would like you to share your wisdom with new teachers attending our initial trainings as well as our follow-up trainings, held for first-year teachers. This is usually a gateway opportunity opening up doors for overseas excursions and trainings. 

Full-Time Trainer
Trainers are meant to impart their practical teaching experience that has been developed over years of teaching as well as the fundamentals of ESL teaching. HESS’ Full-Time Trainers not only share their knowledge with current and future HESS teachers, but also conduct external trainings throughout Taiwan and Mainland China in order to showcase HESS’ teaching methods to public school teachers and develop working relationships abroad.

Writing Department:

Curriculum Developer
HESS publishes its own curriculum, and we maintain a staff of curriculum writers who work full time on various projects, be it improving what we already have or writing a brand-new curriculum from scratch. Either way, it’s a great opportunity to put your excellent writing skills to good use. The Writing Department is always looking for new ideas and skills to improve the department as a whole.