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HESS is proud to offer our Native Speaking Teachers (NSTs) the best support in Asia, from a comprehensive training to ongoing activities. Check out this gallery to see a few of our company-organized staff excursions.


Ask a HESS Teacher: Why Taiwan? (Michael)

Australian teacher Michael Morell considered several Asian countries for his move abroad... More

Ask a HESS Teacher: Why Taiwan? (Chad)

American teacher Chad Day left Texas three years ago... More

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ESL Course

A commercial video about our latest course... More

English Competence Competition

Watch a student perform a speech ... More

Making The Move

Making the move from the USA to Taiwan ... More

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Student Stars

We give our kids a lot of opportunities... More



Ask a HESS Teacher: Why Taiwan? (Chloe)

Chloe decided that the best way to improve her skills was to leave Yorkshire... More

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Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year TV advertisment... More

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Dragon Boat

A great opportunity that we offer teachers... More

Singapore Camp Confidence

International camps provide an incredible ... More

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Teaching in Taiwan

This TV show visited Taiwan .... More

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The Classroom

Be a fly on the classroom wall... More

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Teacher Talk

A few of our teachers talking about... More


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HESS Taiwan

Photos... More

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Taiwan Housing

Photos... More


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Classroom Fun!

Photos... More

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Festivals & Culture!

Photos... More