HESS International Educational Group

HESS Foundation

HESS Educational Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing bilingual educational opportunities throughout Taiwan. Philanthropic opportunities are available to all employees, local and foreign.


HESS Foundation is aimed at providing better educational opportunities for Taiwan's underprivileged children.

In 1998, HESS Educational Foundation was established in loving memory of the mother of HESS president and co-founder, Joseph Chu. Mrs. Chu’s life was riddled with hardship. Despite experiencing extreme poverty and receiving only a third-grade public school education, Mrs. Chu was determined to provide better educational opportunities for her family. And so, the foundation was established as a dedication to her strength and determination.

The objective of HESS Foundation is to enhance the community’s vibrant culture by providing assistance to disadvantaged children. Every life has equal value, and our goal is to educate the whole child. We strive to provide a creative learning environment by offering workshops, English classes, and camps.

Through the dedication and willingness of HESS and university volunteers, HESS Foundation is able to offer unique opportunities to indigenous and underprivileged children all over the island. Native English speakers who freely give their time and love to charity are an irreplaceable part of this process. If you're interested in offering your support, please contact hesswork@hess.com.tw.