HESS International Educational Group

HESS Bookstore

Reading goes hand-in-hand with education. As a rapidly expanding education company, it was a natural development for HESS to open its first bookstore in 1990. Today, we operate HESS Bookstores nationwide, and the number of locations is growing along with the rest of HESS International Educational Group. In our endeavor to provide the most complete service to our customers, it is our stated goal to open bookstores in conjunction with all new language schools.

Our HESS Bookstores provide an extensive selection of periodicals, books, and stationery items catering to all interests and age groups. Our areas of excellence include education, family, health, and children’s books.

At HESS Bookstores, in conjunction with the HESS Foundation, we also host educational seminars that are open to the public and operate the Family Reading Club, which promotes education through reading for the whole family.