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As an entity that provides and promotes education to the general public, Hess recognizes the importance of employing a diverse, multicultural work force. We welcome the differences and cultural perspectives each of our employees brings to the table and believe them to be essential to the success of our organization. Our current dynamic team of professionals represents ten countries including Taiwan R.O.C., The United States, Canada, The United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Ireland, Japan and France.
As we continue to grow at a phenomenal pace, we constantly look for new talent willing to take on exciting challenges and to become a part of our international team. Should you be interested in securing a rewarding career with Hess, take a look at the variety of career opportunities now available.
Featured Careers:
Native English Speaking Teachers:
Currently accepting applications and interviews. Click here for complete details.
日本のお隣、台湾で日本語教師としての新たな可能性を見つけてみませんか?なんにでも前向きにチャレンジするパワフルな教師を求めています。世界各国から集まったスタッフと共に、成長への一歩を踏み出しませんか?現役日本語教師の声、採用情報はここを Click してください。
Professeurs francophones
Vous aimez l’Asie? Vous êtes à la recherche d’une nouvelle expérience? Retrouver tous les détails concernant notre programme d’enseignement du français et comment vous aussi, vous pouvez prendre part à cette incroyable aventure !!
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